The Welsh Space Campaign.

The Welsh Space Campaign launches ordinary Welsh people into outer space, by finding a cosmic context for Welsh culture, skills and traditions.

A plumber has built a pressure system for the spacesuit, a traditional clog maker has made space clogs, and the last remaining wool mills in Wales have provided material for the space suit.

This project facilitates participatory speculation, in which the craftspeople are invited into the construction of cosmic objects, and their experience during this process allows them to speculate about the different possibilities of their skill and industry.

I aim to reveal that Wales has the capacity to explore space, and to show that off-world culturalisation can be achieved through a collective communitarian effort.

Image by Dan Burn-Forti for Wired Magazine UK.

Mapping involvement throughout Wales.

Image by Dan Burn-Forti for Wired Magazine UK.

Film still from 'The Welsh Space Campaign' documentary.

Postcard from Melin Tregwynt.

Space suit pilgrimage to The National Wool Museum Wales.

Welsh Space Campaign emblem by Aron Jones.

Participatory speculation formula developed during project, to be used as framework for future work.

Image by Dan Burn-Forti for Wired Magazine UK.
The Welsh Space Campaign
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